Nanomap || SooperparK @ Sayajibaug

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This is a 3D nano map of the entire SooperparK @ Sayajibaug, Vadodara in virtual reality.

SooperparK is an Augmented Reality park that is going to be spread across the entire earth. Yes, you heard it right, the entire earth. Starting from our very own smart city Vadodara, AR World is going to design and place vuespots across India and then the world.

Take out your smartphones and walk inside an Augmented World, pause the vue and feel like you are at the speed of light and time has frozen for you, learn about various facts of solar system by visually seeing it in front of your eyes, witness how the dinosaurs went extinct, stand in middle of world war II, play with giant turtles, sharks, whales, and octopuses right around you.

For more info on SooperparK, please visit our website @ http://" target="_blank">


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