Beauty lies in the simplicity
of using advanced technology

Plug and play XR player
Experiencing AR & VR content on VueXR’s revolutionary XR player is just a click away
Multiplatform xr player
Yes, it's Multiplatform
Experience the XR media content on Android, iOS, web browsers and AR-VR headsets
It can play XR on GPS
Experience GPS based AR content using our propreitary XR player. The AR media spawns with respect to True North and the light and shadows are casted according to the day and time of the location for a highly immersive experience.
Experience 6DOF
VueXR’s revolutionary XR player allows you to move around the AR and VR media content in 6DOF with accuracy of 1 cm.
Scale, Rotate and Move XR media
You can scale, rotate and move the XR content at your will in your own space using our XR player
Pause XR media
Pause and Play the XR media content in three dimensions at your will, just at a click of a button
Record Videos & Take Photos
Record unlimited videos and photos while having fun with the XR media in your own physical space
Ready to experience XR?