Our Mission

is to make mixed reality media mainstream.
VueXR Mission

We are on a journey to democratize AR/VR/MR = XR “ Xtended Reality”. Envisioning the future of mainstream media, we created a VPS & GPS based AR & VR Media sharing platform called 'VueXR'. At VueXR, creators from around the globe can upload and share 3D animated XR media content for free while viewers can browse and experience them in their own smartphones using the VueXR app available for free in Google play store and apple app store.

Creators can create their own XR media channel and publish 3D media content on VueXR to showcase it to the world in AR or VR on Android, iOS, Web and HMD devices without the need of writing single line of code. Creators just publish once and users can view it on all available platforms. VueXR provides an online XR portfolio management system for every creator with a public profile for XR artwork showcase. Creators can manage the XR media content in their profile using VueXR Rig(Unity 3D plugin), website and mobile app. VueXR provides content creators with the liberty to create 3D assets in any 3D editor software and showcase them in AR or VR and boils down XR media publishing steps to just #create, #upload and #share.

Now no need to create separate AR / VR apps to showcase AR / VR content, just create in Unity3D, upload to VueXR and share everywhere.
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