Wish you a SoopeR BirthdaY, Grishma!

61 views · 06 Feb,2018
Sanket Kale
Sanket Kale
During all your dramas, beating me for your fun, snitching to mom and dad behind my back, teasing me for my habits; I always asked myself, why were you even born. And all the times, when you did all my drawings, helped me with all my science projects, scolded me for my mess and then help me sort it out, fought for me with guys; have answered that very question time and again. I am thankful to have you as my elder sister. My life would have been hell like boring without you! P.S. - You once made a greeting card for me on my birthday, I made a vue for you on this one. Have a SoopeR BirthdaY!


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Wish you a SoopeR BirthdaY, Ashish!
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