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October 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Marine Sanctuary System. To celebrate, we’ve created 3D Augmented Reality displaying custom artwork and educational information made by the incredible team at NOAA celebrating the wildlife that thrives in these protected waters around the nation.

On January 30, 1975, Congress designated Monitor National Marine Sanctuary off the North Carolina coast as the nation's first national marine sanctuary. The sanctuary protects the wreck site of the USS Monitor, the prototype for a class of U.S. Civil War ironclad, turreted warships that significantly altered both naval technology and marine architecture in the nineteenth century. The USS Monitor fought for the Union in the famous Battle of Hampton Roads. The battle ended in a draw, but it initiated the dawn of iron warships. Today, Monitor National Marine Sanctuary protects the Monitor shipwreck for future generations and works to share this iconic vessel’s historical and cultural legacy. Red Signal Lantern is the last sign of the ship before it sank, and the first artifact recovered from its wreckage.

About the Artwork
In this representation of the first crewed expedition to the USS Monitor shipwreck, a hard-hat diver shines his lights on the lantern while submersibles explore the anchor and propeller on the upside-down sunken warship. Soft coral, fish, and sharks use the shipwreck as an artificial reef. An artistic license was taken to enhance the illustration (e.g., anchor laid on the opposite side of the vessel and the gun ports pointed underneath the hull).

• 16 miles off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

• 1 square mile

• January 1975

• Artificial reef
• Open ocean

• Amberjack
• Black sea bass
• Corals
• Dolphins
• Manta rays
• Red Barbier
• Sand tiger shark
• Scad
• Sea anemones
• Sea urchins
• Stingrays

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