Agravitae Eye Brightener Complex

87 views · 06 Jul,2021
"Nature's Botox in a Bottle" illuminates, energizes and rejuvenates the eye area with Electric Daisy, a powerful plant extract that naturally reduces muscle tension to minimize expression lines. The anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening power of licorice root and Graviola reduce puffiness and diminishes the appearance of dark circles. Copper is creatively combined into a multi-mineral complex that forms a "mini battery" to recha bioelectricity of the skin promoting cellular updating for increased collagen production, the return of elasticity, and reduction of future wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid adds enhanced hydration as sustainably sourced sugarcane derived Squalane penetrates the pores and seals in moisture. This silky smooth, light complex leaves skin toned with a refreshed, bright glow.


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