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In Krishna's avatar, the Lord fulfilled his love for music with a most melodious instrument — a flute. Every day little Krishna would set out from home with his flute tucked in at his waist. The Gopis were ever jealous of this lucky instrument. Always by his side, the Lord's flute received the touch of the Lord's nectarean lips. Considered the most organic among musical instruments, how was the bamboo flute blessed and fortunate to be with Krishna all the time?

Someone once asked, O flute, what meritorious deeds did you perform that the Lord always keeps you with Him and places you on his lips? The Lord's flute replied, Before I became a flute, I was a bamboo rod, part of a tree rooted in the ground. As soon as I sprouted, I had to bear the heat, the sun, the rain and every other facet of nature. I practiced many other austerities. After much penance, I was uprooted and cut, and had to suffer more pain. Then, I was pierced — not once, but seven times. I bore all this silently.


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