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The U.S. Space Force Global Positioning System (GPS) III Space Vehicle 05 (SV05) “ARMSTRONG” joins a constellation of more than 30 GPS satellites that provide precise positioning, navigation, and timing information to more than 4 billion users worldwide. Originally developed by the Air Force for Military users, GPS provides precise position and timing information for navigation and today is integrated into many different aspects of our daily life.
The GPS III satellites add a multitude of new capabilities, including a new “L1C” (civil) signal that is shared with our European partners\\\’ system, Galileo; enhanced signal power for our U.S. and allied military users; a hardened design for a longer life on orbit; and improved security and resilience to operate through the increasingly contested environment in space. Once SV05 completes checkout on orbit, it will be known by its operational number, GPS SVN78.


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